Luffy’s quick understanding of a complicated situation in One Piece proves once again that he is much smarter than a lot of people think.

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Fans of One Piece have another reason khổng lồ believe that the protagonist of the series, Monkey D. Luffy, is not as dumb as he looks. While the Straw Hats' captain is indeed often portrayed as a classic naive shonen character, once again he proved that there is a lot more depth & wisdom hiding behind his carefree behavior.

Many shonen manga have a protagonist that behaves in a goofy và sometimes even dumb way. Dragon Ball's Goku was among the first khổng lồ make fans laugh with his oblivious attitude, và One Piece followed suit making comedy one of the most important aspects of the series. Almost every character in the manga has its own bizarre mannerism, but no one more than Luffy. The Straw Hats' captain is incredibly blunt, never stops thinking for too long, và rushes head-first into the most dangerous situations, giving the impression that he is, indeed, quite dumb. However, Luffy periodically shows a deeper understanding of things, proving that his usual shenanigans are not a symptom of a lack of intelligence.

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In chapter #1063 of One Piece, Luffy proves once again that he is much more aware of what is going on around him than most people think. After landing on Egghead Island, the Straw Hats get split up & Luffy, Chopper, & Jinbe join Jewelry Bonney in exploring the surroundings. The group runs into many creations of the genius scientist Doctor Vegapunk, including machines that create food và clothes. After eating their fill và getting new outfits, however, the group is attacked by one of Vegapunk's guardians, who looks exactly like Bartholomew Kuma, a former member of the Warlords of the Sea & Bonney's father. Luffy immediately recognizes that this is not the real Kuma but a Pacifista cyborg, & rushes khổng lồ save Bonney.


Kuma has a very complex history. He is the prototype for the Pacifistas, the World Government's secret weapons, as he accepted to be transformed into a cyborg by Vegapunk for unknown reasons. Bonney is actually on Egghead lớn get answers from Vegapunk, who has his laboratory there. Luffy has met Kuma several times, but always as an enemy, as he is not aware of the details of his past, his khuyến mãi with Vegapunk, the fact that he protected the Thousand Sunny for two years, or that he was indeed secretly a thành viên of the Revolutionary Army who infiltrated the World Government. However, he immediately realized that the Kuma on Egghead is not the real one, but just another Pacifista modeled after him, while even Bonney, who is Kuma's daughter, was frozen by his appearance.

Luffy may not be the smartest character in One Piece, but he has almost unrivaled instincts & great emotional intelligence. On this occasion, however, Luffy also showcased a quick & deep understanding of a complex situation that proves the character has grown a lot since his debut. While he usually acts like he doesn't care about the more complicated things in the world, true fans of One Piece know that Luffy is actually a lot more nuanced, & smarter, than he usually appears.